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Pattern mmp-14: Classic trouser block
Posted by joost at 12:39pm Sunday, Sep 23

No matter how much effort you put into matching your tie with your socks, going to work without trousers is still frowned upon. Good news though, because we've got a classic trouser pattern for you that is exactly what the doctor, or rather your employer's dress code, prescribed.

Here\'s what revision 3 of MMP-14 looks like in linen

Here's what revision 3 of MMP-14 looks like in linen

This is another pattern based on the method by Winifred Aldrich. I haven't made it yet for I tend to be too busy cranking out patterns these day. I think it looks promising although I find the darts at the waist to drop rather low. Not sure what you think about that.

Apart from the needed measurements to make this pattern, it also comes with two variables that you can customize:

  • Waistband width: Waistline width is 4cm (1.6 inch) by default, but feel free to change it to whatever your favorite belt is asking for, the pattern will adapt auto-magically.
  • Trouser bottom width: The default width of these trousers at the hem is 22.4 cm (8.8 inch). You play width the width a little to give you a wider or narrower leg. However, do keep in mind that this only influences the leg width form the knee down. In other words, you can play around to go slightly wider of narrower to fit your taste, but this is no option that will all of a sudden turn the pattern into slimline, or baggy trousers. When in doubt, stick to the default ;)

Since we're on the subject of slimline trousers: Aldrich has a slimline variation of this pattern that you can find on this site too.

This is the first pattern to use our cut-and-tilt code that I wrote about earlier, so it unlocked another set of features that will allow us to get into ever more complex pattern.


I hope you enjoy trying this one out, do provide us your feedback, and should you make this, make sure to tell us about it.

This pattern has a (very detailed) video series that explain how to make them.

You can find them here:
mmp-14: Classic trousers pattern
Click here to make pattern mmp-14