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Hello, my name is Joost

I live in Antwerp, I work in Brussels, and in my spare time I sew and run

About me

My name is Joost De Cock, I am the guy who runs the show here.

I like sewing and pattern design. I'm a bit of a geek, I love food, and people with a sense of humour.

I live in Antwerp, and work in Brussels, the heart of Europe.

I am always happy to hear from people, so feel free to get in touch:

Note that I run dedicated social media accounts for These are my personal accounts, and are a lot more chatty.

Site disclaimer

Not so long ago, I had an email sitting in my inbox with a question about the site.

It took me a while to answer it, so when I finally got around to it, I apologized for the delay in my reply.

I got a friendly email back with some good advice on how to avoid this, including the suggestion to 'hire more people'.

That made it rather obvious that it's important to manage expectations. So I feel I need to include this:

  • is something I do in my spare time
  • This is not a business, this is not my job, and I do this alone
  • I do not plan for this website to make me rich
  • I am not a professional web designer or developer
  • I am not a professional tailor

So far the small print. Now let's talk about what this site is really about.

Site goals

Provide great patterns

My goal is to make pattern drafting as simple as ordering pizza.

To make that happen, this website generates sewing patterns based on your measurements.

Get more men to sew

Men are shockingly outnumbered in the sewing community.

To help more men discover the tailor inside of them, I try to:

  • Make more patterns for menswear available
  • Provide instructions that require little to no sewing experience
  • Show that making clothes is a wonderful craft to learn

Site history

Nothing beats the feeling of wearing something you made yourself. But making clothes takes hard work, and for the best results, you need a good pattern.

Hand drafted patterns are the best, but demand a lot of time and effort.

I wanted to change that, and that effort evolved into

I am not a professional developer, nor am I a professional tailor. But I do have some skills in both domains, and wanted to use those skills to make something worthwhile.


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