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website will soon be dead, long live

We had a good run, but it's time to move on

Today, I (finally) launched It is a complete rewrite of, not to mention an open source project.

This means that effective immediately, this site no longer accepts user registrations and after a grace period of a few months I will shut it down.

You should head over to now and create an account there. As long as you use the same email address as you signed up with here, your data will auto-magically be migrated.

If this comes as a complete shock to...

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Friday migration to new data center

On Friday, the 1st of July, this website will be migrated to a different server. It's most likely that nobody will notice, but just to be save: there may be some downtime on Friday.

Goodbye UK

Since I'm moving servers, I'm also taking this opportunity to move to a different data center. is currently hosted in London, in the the United Kingdom. A situation that I am no longer comfortable with in light of the UK's voted to leave the European Union, and — more importantly — given the surge in racism and...

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Introducing: Option packs for patterns

Option packs for the Singular Shirt pattern

The release of the Singular Shirt pattern back in November was a glimpse into the future of

In comparison with other patterns, it's a lot more advanced. It takes a lot more measurements as input, and has a ton of options that allow you to customize it.

There's a ton of stuff that I can do here that you can't do with a paper pattern (or a pre-made PDF). So let's go crazy right?

How many options is too many options...

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Imperial units: Not worth it

About a month ago, I added imperial units (you know, inches) to the site. Today, I threw them out again because they are not worth the hassle.

While I can (and tried to) support model measurements in inches, there is no simple way for me to handle inches and cm in the pattern options. Adding it would require so much work that I frankly don't think it's worth it.

So for those of you who are used to inches, here's what you need to know: 1 inch is 2.54cm.

Embrace the metric system :)

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Imperial Units have been spotted, and they might break things

Empire, a Creative Commons image from the Flickr stream of Nick Royer

I have added (tentative) support for imperial units — as in, inches instead of centimetres — to MakeMyPattern.

This change touches an awful lot of code, both in the backend, the frontend, and the structure of the patterns. It is very likely that I messed up somewhere, and that some things will go wrong.

When they do, I count on you to let me know about it. In other words, when a pattern looks all wrong, don't think "well this website is shite", but tell me about it, because we're probably trying to cram an inch in a centimetre-shaped hole somewhere.


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Migration complete - Welcome to

Last night, I finished the migration of the site, from to

I took a quick tour of the premises, and I think everything is ok. But should you bump into any sort of trouble, please let me know.

Old patterns are on

I will make a priority of bringing over patterns from the old site. Until that time, I have kept a copy of the old site on sunset.makemypattern....

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Feedback is fabulous

Audio controls as a visual reference to feedback

Last night, I received the following feedback:

Please please please please please put up more patterns!

also, this site and the other


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Pattern load time: old vs new website

Last night I completed the migration of the #MMP-14 Classic Trouser pattern to the new website. The new pattern goes under the name of Textbook Trousers now (like it?), and while there are some slight tweaks, it is essentially the same pattern.

The same on the surface that is. The way the pattern is generated is very different on the new website. And while I was always confident that the new website is better and faster, I wasted no time to run an actual comparison.

While the new...

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